The Manifestation of Mysticism on Social Media

On TikTok, the Witchtok hashtag appears to focus on the aesthetic principles of mystic / Wiccan practices and the draw to the unique and individual. It is not all pretty crystals and nice candles however, through this social media platform we can begin to break down a prominent discourse in the political ideologies of youngerContinue reading “The Manifestation of Mysticism on Social Media”

Graduating in a Pandemic & 5 Unpopular / Uncommon Opinions on Productivity

It’s almost a year since I was told my University would be closing due to increasing Coronavirus measures and it was clear there was a level of uncertainty surrounding our future security at the school, how classes would be handled and if we’d even get to see the inside of the studios again. Packing upContinue reading “Graduating in a Pandemic & 5 Unpopular / Uncommon Opinions on Productivity”

InPractice: A short case study

One of my final year projects at art school had me look into the disconnect between research and physical design practice. The two never seemed to marry up or consider each others existence. So when presented with a brief to conceptualise and design a publication, it felt like the perfect opportunity to finally force themContinue reading “InPractice: A short case study”

Exorcising Haunted Monuments

This is a condensed version of a longer essay I wrote in my 3rd year of University surrounding the implications of Colonial narratives on our perception of the documented world. The essay has been reformatted to coincide with current day discussion on the presence of racist and colonial monuments. Colonial monuments across the world castContinue reading “Exorcising Haunted Monuments”

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